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One of the biggest frustrations instore shoppers face is not being able to find products they’re looking for – whether they are sold out, hard to find or simply not practical to keep in stock. And customers hardly ever ask about them if they’re not. While these missed opportunities may seem inconsequential, they are starting to add up in this competitive retail environment where every sale counts.

The oldest, most proven method is to offer discounts to customers if they come back to the store when the item is replenished. This rewards customer loyalty while also offering an incentive. Unfortunately though, only 44% of retailers currently offer this service even as research shows 61% of shoppers globally want it.

The benefit of this method is that retailers can also build customer loyalty through personal shopping experiences. In stores where customers are looking for multiple items like groceries or tools, they can be given a personal shopping solution like Zebra’s PS20 that can guide them through the store giving additional product information while also alerting them with location-based vouchers.

Focus provides meet-and-greet facilities through our network of specialist companies. From hotel reservations and taxi arrangements to a full pick-up facility, with or without armed guards, this can be arranged.

Ever had a last minute requirement for items to be in a country where you do not have a visa to enter? Are you frustrated at having to hand-carry important documents to your client, which takes you out of the office for days? Let Focus help you. Our personnel are available 24-hours-a-day for these important deliveries. This leaves you free to concentrate on your business.


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